You can access to three Advice & Correction Video and Part of CDA Lesson 5 materials

How did you find out Free Trial Course sketch? Are you more comfortable drawing cool sports car? If you would like to learn more or brush up sketch and design skills, please take a look for our tutorial video and our text book material. Drawing car sketch needs Passion, Practice, and Patience. Hope these material you can access will help your sketch skills.  


● Advice & Correction Video 1

Proportion:Check the overall height of the car! That is how Sports Car is different from other type of vehicle.


Advice & Correction Video 2

Center Line:How and where to draw center line is critical for cars you draw look like a real car or not. This video will teach you why center line is not in the center of car when you are drawing 3D view sketch!


Advice & Correction Video 3

Copic Marker Painting:One of CDA instructor, Miki Hattori, who used to work for Opel and Stile Bertone, has shown the marker painting technique. 

This is the sketch given Advice and Corrections in the video. This sketch was drawn by the students who has studied for four months.



● How to draw Front Quarter View Sketch. Look at our text materias.

*This is CDA Total Course Text Material used in the Lesson 5. Download from here.

Any object in the real 3-D environment when transmit on the 2-D Papers, you have to follow the Perspective rules. In order to draw Accurate Perspective, just feeling is not enough. You need to fully understand Perspective theory.  


<CDA  Total Course Program>

How did you find out the above video and textbook material? Did you enjoy it? If you think materials are very difficult, not to worry. Once you join the CDA Total Course Program, our professional designer will give you man-to-man advice, and he watches the progress of each student very carefully. You will be surprised by the progress you will make when you graduate, you will enjoy how you develop every week in the learning period. 


Please click the link below to check the contents of Total Course curriculum. 

< Introduction of CDA Total Course>

Total course is structured for 2 major parts. One is Learning Sketch Skill and other is Learning Designing & Styling (including how to create your portfolio)

Lesson1-12 You will learn: ・Sketch Basics (Line Drawing, Ellipse Drawing, Perspective ), various Car Category. – How to draw Side View and Quarter View – Tips which will help your drawing real – Coloring with Copic Markers & Digital Software and much more!

Lesson13-24 Create your Portfolio which you can use for your recruiting. – How to set the Theme for your Concept – Thumbnail Sketch ・Idea Creation – How to produce your Portfolio and Presentation Board – Advice how to create Portfolio aiming to use your recruiting activity


We advise you to submit applications within two weeks. 

*Upon receiving your application, we will send the separate mail regarding the payment procedure.

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