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In Car Skecth Technic Course, you will focus learning how to sketch.
Lesson 1-12
You will learn basic sketch techniques. Drawing good sketch is an absolute necessary requirement to become a car designer. You will learn how to draw Lines, Ellipse, Perspective, Proportion, and Ratio.
You will learn two basic view for Car Design, a Side View and a Quarter View (perspective view). In addition, you will learn both manual and digital painting method.
From Lesson 1 to 12, you will be able to acquire basic skills which you will definitely need, especially if you are beginner. You will also learn a lot of tips for car sketch which is used in the car design front line.

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Sketch is a Powerful Communication Tool

Let's say that you have great ideas in your mind, awesome car styling, sexy appearance. But it would be useless unless you have skills to express them. Your sketch will convert your 3-D ideas on to the 2-D paper. Is your sketch able to impress professional viewers, such as head of project, or engineers? We will focus on teaching you three basic car sketch skills; "Powerful Lines", "Accurate Perspective", and "Well-Expressed Surface Texture"

CDA world top class designers have developed our original program to learn these techniques in a most effective manner. Our textbook edition has been supervised by Nori Kurihara, our Chairman, a Legend in the Car Design World. He and his team in the CDA will teach you design skills how to express your "Imagination into Form!"

Tutorial Video by Professionals

Normally you do not have any chance to observe the sketching by professional designers elsewhere like you can do in our courses. Our tutorial video contains full sketching process by professional car designers, thus you can emulate and benefit from their tips to improve your sketching by watching them. These videos can be seen through your smart phones or tablets as well. They are repeatable. You can deepen your comprehension and enhance skill much more than taking live class sketch lessons.

We will be with you anytime you need

Do not hesitate asking help for any trivial questions or problems. You can ask questions any time and will receive answers quickly. You may need advice for effective learning method, or may need tips/suggestion for job search. These are unique services we provide. We would like to give you a support in all aspects about car designs.

Constructive Reviews by our Instructors

In many cases you do not realize what is wrong. And even you know something is wrong you do not know how to fix the problem. Some of the deficit or points needs improvement can be easily detected by experienced professionals.

You will get a first-class designer "Advice & Corrections" for every homework assignment. We guarantee you that CDA is the only school who will provide you such a fine-tuned advice and attentive reviews to each students. You will be surprised by our quality reviews just like our alumni students was astonished. These Advice & Correction will be very useful for both experienced and non-experienced.

View other students' sketches

You will be able to browse not only the current students sketches corrected by instructors, but also sketches of our Alumni in the past. They might inspire and give you some ideas to adopt or to improve your sketching.

Contents of Programs

Lesson 1-12 consist of car sketching techniques:

Drawing Powerful Straight Lines, Curved Lines, and Ellipses
Basic Concept and Skill of Perspective, Ratio, and Vehicle Proportion
Side View and Quarter View Sketching
Manual Painting: Marker Techniques
Digital Painting

Throughout Lessons 1-24, you will be get our "Advice & Corrections" which will help both beginners and experienced designers to improve car designing.

Important Messages

<You must: >
*If you are under 20 years old, you need to have permission for applying to any CDA courses by your guardian.
*You must have internet accessibility.

<Necessary Tools for Course> (details are shown in FAQ)
*Photoshop or Paint tool SAI
*Graphics Tablets & Pens
*Image scanner or scanner apps. (like a CamScanner)
*Water based ink pen
*Copic Marker
We use C1,C2,C3,C5,C7,C10 CPOIC markers. You will also need RV02 and RV29 for tail lamp design, and B41 for fog lamp design. If you already have your own markers, that’ OK. Please understand that it is your responsibility to pay for those tools.


You can pay your tuition either by bank transfer or credit card.

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