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Advice where/ how to make Improvement

Please review all the basic of the Perspective.  As the angle of the sketching become more difficult, basics those you have studied in Lesson 1 will further increase its importance .  Every sketch must follow the rules of the Perspective when transformed into 3D from 2D.

Please make sure that you will draw the Perspective Guidelines when drawing the draft sketch.  

It is difficult to draw the sketch with a proper Perspective by relying only on your feelings. However if you follow the basic rules of Perspective, your sketch will not look unreal even it is not perfectly accurate. 

The basics of the Perspective have three rules.

See the File below (VERY IMPORTANT.)


Text book 

Please download the text and the materials.

-Download all : [Option]→[Download]


Video materials 

[ How to draw a QV by using a Red Pen ]


[ How to apply the Perspective for various Cross Sections ]

This movie  summarizes common mistakes which occur when drawing cars from QV.

※ The file used in the Video is stored in “Text & Reference” [section.psd].


How To Draw *Reference Video