[Interview to CDA Students] Fernando Carrasco / Uruguay


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In this time, we had interview with our current student, Fernando Carrasco from Uruguay, 28 years old. 


If you are considering joining Car Design Academy, we hope following article, interviewing to our current student, will help you.

Interview to CDA Students / Fernando Carrasco / Uruguay


I am an Industrial Designer with experience in product design and 3D modelling.
My great passions are car design, motorsports, travelling and understanding different people and cultures around the world. I believe that what makes us rich is not wealth but a wealth of life experiences. 


1. Please tell us what do you study at school? If you are working, what kind of job you are engaged in?

At the moment I am studying Korean language at Chonnam National University in Gwuangu South Korea. Next year I will be going to Seoul National University to study my Industrial Design Master degree. 

2. What was your trigger to decide join CDA? Please identify what was your difficulty to study car design before you joined CDA, if there is any? Any anxiety you had when studying car design by yourself?

My trigger to join CDA was related to my dream since I was 5 years old. As you can imagine it has been trying to become a car designer. The main obstacle was that in Uruguay, I didn’t had the possibility to study Automotive Design as an Undergraduate career. This is the reason why I decided to become an Industrial Designer.
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet a very talented Uruguayan Car designer and also great friend and tutor who inspired me to continue looking for an opportunity.

My anxiety is that as during my Undergraduate Career I didn’t had the opportunity to focus more on sketching, so I consider that my drawings are far away from the really talented car designers I have as reference and inspiration. 

3. Please give us your feedback regarding the quality of  Text Materials/Video Text /Instructor’s review (Advice & Corrections)

In my personal opinion, I think that all the material provided is excellent. 

4. Please indicate how many hours (minutes) do you spend for practicing, homework, and any other related work for CDA, for example (design competition preparation) or routine .

At this moment I can’t answer this question accurately. Since I have been really busy with my new scholarship, moving to Korea and start learning a new language I haven’t spend too much time on the assignments. Nevertheless I think between 30 minutes and 1:30 hours the day I decide to practice. 

5. How do you find out the Monthly Design Competition?

I think is a really great idea. It helps to focus and improve. Furthermore, you can share many different and fresh ideas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t achieve my best results due to the reasons mentioned above. 

6. Message for those candidate students who is considering joining CDA?

If you are interested in getting into the world of Car Design as a hobby or as a professional I really recommend it. The material given and the personal treatment are excellent. 

7. Any other message you would like to tell other people? Your view regarding design, or sketch, or practice method?

Yes, I would like to share two interesting extracts I have taken from the Alessandro Mendini’s exhibition held at Seoul called “The poetry of design”.

“Sketches are the origin of all projects… Everything starts with the theoretic hypotheses of small drawings as a method of work that precedes computer drawn projects…”

“Friendship and collaboration with crafts people are fundamental values…”

I consider we should always consider these aspects of our profession and give them the real value they have in our projects.


NameFernando Carrasco
Website https://www.behance.net/nandouy
Behance https://www.behance.net/nandouy
Profile & Self introductionI am an Industrial Designer with experience in product design and 3D modelling.
My great passions are car design, motorsports, travelling and understanding different people and cultures around the world.
I believe that what makes us rich is not wealth but a wealth of life experiences.






Comment from Instructor, Mr. Can

Fernando has a high ability for solid understanding, and basic sketching skills at high level. He is learning car design while working hard. Those his learning attitude make me impressed much as his instructor. When he acquire more skills like  how to develop ideas or express his originality in his design at Car Design Academy, his career as an industrial designer will definitely progress more.


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