[KEIZAI-KAI: May 16th, 2000 issue] Mr.Noriyoshi Kurihara, a car designer [Patrick le Quément, the real key player of reactivating Renault, undercover action for four days in Japan]


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We introduce you an article of Mr.Noriyoshi Kurihara who is a supervisor of Car Design Academy from KEIZAI-KAI, May 16th, 2000 issue.

Mr. Patrick le Quément is the General Manager of Design Division and a member of executive committee of Renault.

He was a key player of reactivating Renault. Not only designing cars, but also he did management of the company itself.
Car manufacturers in the world have been all out to make a contract with Mr. le Quément.

Do you know that Mr. le Quément is a great Japan expert?
He has been highly evaluating Japanese traditional arts and artifact and been to Japan many times before Renault and Nissan affiliated.

Mr. le Quément has an old friend and meets the person every time he visits Japan.
The person is Mr.Kurihara who is the vice president of Design Club International and a supervisor of Car Design Academy.

They have an ardent talk about the future of car design at Design Club International, which has worldwide reputation and located in Hakone, Kanagawa-prefecture.

A special friend with mutual deep understandings and Mr. le Quément’s favorite scenery, Ashino Lake.
The only reason he visit Hakone is: Hakone has his [treasure]. A strong chain with Mr.Kurihara tied by [Design], and inspirational and mystic scenery.

On the article, you will see cars Mr. le Quément designed and days in Hakone with photos.

You are able to take a look the details of the article from URL below.

Learn more [KEIZAI-KAI: May 16th, 2000 issue]

The details of article of KEIZAI-KAI.

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