[BMW BIKES/vol.52’s article] A dialogue Mr.Noriyoshi Kurihara and Mr.Divid Robb

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As you know, [BMW BIKES] is a BMW bikes’ magazine.

A dialogue of Mr. Noriyoshi Kurihara, a supervisor of Car Design Academy, and Mr.David Robb, a designer of BMW Motorrad is on the [BMW BIKES] vol.52 (autumn 2010 issue).

Both of them receive worldwide recognition as designers. Mr.Kurihara started his career from designing bikes. On the contrary, Mr.Robb started his career from designing cars.

Today, Mr.Kurihara designs cars and Mr.Robb designs bikes as they are building quite opposite career. So, this dialogue is a valuable one, which was materialized by BMW BIKES.

In the dialogue, Mr. Robb said things that he was particular about designing BMW bikes. He widened the model range of bikes by diverting parts of other models before he participate design, whereas, he strove to characterize each bike by clarifying how to use bikes and their segments after participating design.

His efforts made us realize that BMW bikes have many lineups and strong directionality.

Moreover, they talked about BMWism of BMW bikes.

We are able to see BMWism from design, which adopted symmetry headlights and traditional kidney grill, etc. by each model.

Also, they mentioned BMW adopts design aesthetics, which meet each model. They said BMW adopts symmetry design to the model such as GS series, sports series, etc., since BMW would like users have active images. Symmetry design gives users aggressive images. On the contrary, BMW adopts designs of elegant atmosphere to RT and GT.

Mr.Kurihara mentioned adoption of symmetry designs for bikes. On the article he said adoption of symmetry designs was a quite hard challenge, since it might worsen the design of overall balance, however, BMW succeeded making such types of bikes. He thought it was so impressive and he felt “That was a good one. You got me.”

We think it is a great dialogue, because Mr.Kurihara and Mr.Robb are fluent in design.


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Article of BMW BIKES vol.52.here

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