[Part2] You can see free trial sketch samples today!

Hello! This is Car Design Academy. Today, we will introduce you some free trial sketches with our instructor’s “Advice & Corrections.” These are sketches by students who are also aiming to be a car designer like you. We hope these samples and our revue will help your sketching.

This is a sketch by Mr.Bisono,Agri which he drew at the end of free trial course.


Our instructor, professional car designer, CAN evaluated.

agribisono_20052015.re_ <Good ponits> Excellent sketch! Quality of your Line Drawing and accuracy of Perspective are just like a Professional designer’s work. <Points to be improved> -There are some points which needs improvement. For example,there are slight difference for balance of some elements on your QV sketch from side View sketch. -Probably you exaggerated intentionally, however, I strongly recommend transferring each elements from Side View to QV accurately. It will help you to get the proper proporttion of the object if you draw the QV as same proportion as the Side View. etc
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