3 Questions to Be A Car Designer | Tutorial Video

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Hello! This is Yu Nakasone, CEO of Car Design Academy (CDA). Today, I would like to introduce about CDA original ways to improve your car design skills.  In CDA, we are focusing on three pillars of teaching car design —- “Amount of Practice,”  “Proper Practicing,” and “To Keep Motivated.” None of them can be missed if you would like to improve your skills. Then, let me ask you following 3 questions. 

Question 1:  How much hours do you practice per a day? Are you practicing more than your competitors?

If your answer is No, then you need to ask yourself why you do not practice. If you feel that practice is a kind of duty, it is a problem. You need to make Practicing to be a part of your life. In other words, it should be a Routine work.  We often hear voices like “Oh, I don’t have enough time to practice.”  I bet those people are spending more times doing Facebook or SNS, at least one hour a day.


Question 2:  Do you realize your weak point? Which skill you would like to improve the most?

If you are just reading car design books or magazines, that is not enough at all. You will never realize what is lacking among your skills. That is why I maintain of need a instructor.  A front line professional designers will be able to point out where you need to improve or where you need to correct. It is our academy’s “ideal of Practicing.” In fact, watching inaccurately drawn Perspective Sketching Videos on YouTube is very harmful for you.

*Advice by our instructors

Question 3:  Why you are aiming to be a Car Designer?

Designing a car is a very attractive job. However, in reality, only a few people are possible to become car designers. Probably, there is a low probability to become a car designer as same as to become a professional football player! Then, please do not forget that once you give up your dream, your dream will never come true. 

There is one story that I would like to tell you now. There is a stone wall which can be broken by hitting more than 1000 times, but you do not know exactly how many times you should hit it. Most people will give up hitting walls at some point. It might be stop at 999 times.  However, those people who believe the wall will be knocked down some day and he/she does not give up hitting, they will be able to knock down the wall.  To become a car designer is similar to this episode.


What Is A Good Car Sketch?


*Non-digital sketch

Now, I will move on to next subject, “What is a good sketch?”  I will focus on Design Techniques today, not the quality of overall design.  In CDA, these three points are evaluated on students’ sketches: 

1. Lines: vivid, long strokes and momentums  

2. Accurate Perspective

3. Materials which used in the Surface is well expressed

To continue practicing without proper teaching can be hazardous. You have to seek a standard at high level. And, comparing your sketches between yesterday’s sketch and today’s one is a way to confirm your progress and keep up your motivation to pursue your dream.

Tutorial Video

Today I will show you the video which used in Lesson 1 in our Course.  If you are a novice at car designing,  you can adopt  your practicing way immediately.


Introduction of Car Design Academy

Our students have various background such as: College Graduates, no-experience in (car) designs, art school students, or even designers in big car companies. Why people choose Car Design Academy?: Because,

1) You will be able to learn from our great instructors, who are professional designers working in the front line.  

2) You will be able to enjoy Economical tuition price (significant difference for Tuition with any College of Arts). 

3) You will  be able to manage your time and pace of studying, because it is Web based course.

4) You will get written and/or video Advice and Corrections after each lesson homework, our students are really appreciate for this. In addition, you will be able to have 4 time interviews during entire course.

For those applicants who are interested in our Free Trial Course, please visit the link below. 



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