Q: When I draw car sketch, should I draw Tires first?

Hello! For those of you who are learning Car Design, CDA instructor is going to share some helpful tips for improving your skills today.


Q: When I draw car sketch, should I draw Tires first?

It can be seen that many people are wondering where supposed to draw at first. To be honest, there is no drawing order in car sketch.

It really depends on a designer. Some car designers will start drawing with tires; on the other hand, other designers will draw from detail in front area …etc.

In case of Car Design Academy, students will learn drawing from tires. The main reason why we teach drawing from tires is, it will make students easily figure out the size of car. They will start to draw sketch from body under and moving forward with roof. Through these processes, students will perceive them to be easy to draw outline for car body.

For developing skillsI encourage you to draw more and watch professional car drawing techniques on tutorials.

We will offer free instructions and tutorials for those who have submitted CDA Free Trial Sketch Course.


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