9 Influential Global Japanese Car Designers Working Today!

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As you know, the Japanese automotive industry is one of the prominent industries in the world. How about car designers? As you might not know, there are many Japanese car designers who work active part in the automotive industry around the world. In order to honor the car designers of all time, Car Design Academy lists the 9 Japanese car designers who are working in the country or overseas today.


Hideo Kodama 

He worked as a designer at Opel over 40 years. There is an anecdote about him that during he attended at Tama Art University(http://www.tamabi.ac.jp/) in Japan, he sent his sketch to GM, and easily received a job offer from the company.

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Noriyoshi Kurihara

2 のコピー

After graduating Kuwasawa Design School (http://www.kds.ac.jp/en/) in Japan, he started his career in Honda R&E, and had some projects for motorcycle. Then, he moved to Italy, and joined Form Design (Ital Design). There, he worked with Giorgetto Giugiaro and engaged to work design projects for BMW, Fiat, and Volkswagen etc.

Later, he moved to Ford Europe in England and Germany, and made design for mass production vehicle of Ford Fiesta, Escort, Scorpio, and Transit. After came back to Japan, he established DCI Design Club International Co Ltd., in Hakone Japan. He designed not only for many European automakers like, Renault, Citroen, and Porche, but also designed for Japanese auto makers. DCI became one of the representative design companies of Japan.

In 2001, he started another design company, Nori, inc. Since started the company, he has been working on many projects for the company in Japan and overseas. He has held a supervisor of Car Design Academy since 2013.


Joji Nagashima

 from Jike

After graduating from Industrial Design at Musashino Art University(http://www.musabi.ac.jp/english/) in Japan, he went to Wayne State University, United States for taking a doctor’s degree. He got the degree, and then hired on the Opel. Later, he moved to Renault, and BMW. He is well known for the exterior designs of the BMW 5 Series, and the Z3 Roadster.


Satoshi Wada

from NIKEEI 

After graduating from Musashino Art University(http://www.musabi.ac.jp/english/) Japan, he built his careers at Nissan Motor Co., and Audi. Then, he left the company, and started his own independent company, SW Design in Japan. In 2007, he was selected for “Respected 100 Japanese” by Newsweek(JP) and “100 Challengers to the Future in Japan”  by Nikkei Business(JP) in 2014.


Shiro Nakamura

10-5 のコピー

After graduating from Industrial Design at Musashino Art University(http://www.musabi.ac.jp/english/), Japan, he joined Isuzu Motors Co. In 1999, he was head hunted by Carlos Ghosn who is the CEO of both Renault and Nissan. Today, he is the one of pillars of Nissan, and leading the company as a head of design.


Ikuo Maeda

674940 のコピー

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He graduated from Kyoto Technical and Textile University, Japan. Today, he works as a chief designer at Mazda Motor Corporation. He is best known for the design of Mazda RX-8 sports car, and also brought several best selling cars like Mazda 2, Mazda 3, and Mazda CX-5, Mazda 6 and so on.


Yasuhiro Suzuki

10-7 のコピー

He is best known for the design of the Renault Wind, and also worked on the Renault Mégane Trophy.


Takumi Yamamoto 

from Takumi Yamamoto’s Official Blog

He graduated from Tokyo Zokei Art University(http://www.zokei.ac.jp/worldwide/en/), Japan and Coventry University, England. He currently works at Citroen as a designer, and designed the GT by Citroën concept car which was specially created, designed and produced for the video game Gran Turismo 5.


Norihiko Harada 

from  オートックワン

After graduating from Aesthetics and Science of Arts in Keio University(http://www.keio.ac.jp/index-en.html), Japan, he went to Art Center College of Design, United States. He graduated from ACCD, and he moved to Italy and joined I.DE.A. Later, he got offered by Ercole Spada and hired on Zagato Design Center. He engaged various concepts cars and sport cars in the company.


How did you find the list of Japanese car designers? They are all leading pioneers in the car design world. We cannot express enough our feelings of appreciation, and have enormous respect for them!

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