[CAR GRAPHIC/ September, 2012 issue] Mr.Noriyoshi Kurihara, a car designer and Mr.Hideyuki Miyakawa, a founder of Italdesign Giugiaro [Urashima ITALO-dairy of Italy] No.57



[CAR GRAPHIC] is a Japanese orthodox car magazine that its first publication was in 1962.

We introduce you an article of Mr.Hideyuki Miyakawa, a founder of Italdesign Giugiaro and has an intimate friendship with Mr.Noriyoshi Kurihara, a car designer, issued in September, 2012.

In 1975, Mr.Miyakawa had to make a sandlot baseball team in Italy, since his sons insisted. So, he asked Japanese students one after another to convene persons who knew “Baseball”.

One day, Mr.Miyakawa met Mr.Kurihara who became a car designer and a supervisor of Car Design Academy afterward.
Mr.Kurihara visited Italdesign to have training of car design and was asked to be a member of sandlot baseball team. He became a member of the team readily, since he liked baseball.

Mr.Miyakawa played outstandingly from the first match.
And he got the nickname of [Signor Tocco] from his team members.

This experience in Italy made a connection between Mr.Miyakawa and Mr. Kurihara and Mr.Miyakawa was invited to the commemoration meeting of 10th anniversary of [Wara-jyuku] in 2007.

[Wara-jyuku] is a NPO, which was established to make a contribution to Japanese arts and improvement of design.
Mr.Miyakawa was asked to give a lecture there from Mr.Kurihara, a steering committee.

On the day, over 80 people joined the meeting.
Mr.Miyakawa talked about Italian livelihood of past 50 years and winery and then members who bring back memory talked about olden stories. At the end of the meeting, Mr.Kurihara closed out it by giving greetings. It seems that they spent enjoyable time.

On the article, they talked about baseball situation in Italy, the origin of Mr.Kurihara’s nickname [Signor Tocco], and nostalgic bikes released at the end of 1950s.

You are able to see the details of the article from URL below. If you are interested in it, please check it.

The details of article of CAR GRAPHIC.


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