You can see free trial sketch samples today!

Hello! This is Car Design Academy
Today, we will introduce you some free trial sketches with our instructor’s “Advice & Corrections.” These are sketches by students who are also aiming to be a car designer like you. We hope these samples and our revue will help your sketching.

This is a sketch by Mr.Mathias which he drew at the end of free trial course.

mathiasdalligonzi_02052014 (1)

Our instructor, professional car designer, CAN evaluated.

mathiasdalligonzi_02052014re (1)

<Good ponits>

Lines are vivid, and design itself is very unique.

<Points to be improved>

-Tire’s Ellipse width is not accurate from the Perspective point of view.

-The angle of Front Face differs from where it supposed to be.

What students are saying after our free trial course?

<Why did you apply free trial course?>
At the beginning, I was thinking to take CDA’s Total Course, but before that, I decided to try this free trial course first.

<How did you feel “Advice & Corrections” by our instructor?>
The instructor gave me really clear explanations. During the period of free trial course, I had much improvement by taking his advice.

<Do you have any comments about our text and video materials?>
They were very helpful, and easy to get understand. I could watch only free trial course material; but I could gain the confidence to be able to get well in the main courses as well.

<Do you have any questions to ask professional designer?>

How much drawing level is required in professional career? Please tell me specifically.

It is difficult question.
It can be not decided simply by pass/fail grading. However, at least 2 pints are minimum requirement.

1) To be able to set accurate perspective
2) To be able to express object precisely (proportions or surface expressions etc.)

Furthermore, there are a lot of important things I want to mention. Even if you had good design ideas, it has no meaning unless you can express it in your sketch.
Even if you have good sketching skill, but your concept planning is weak, you will fail to make it a car.

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