[Part4] You can see free trial sketch samples today!

Hello! This is Car Design Academy. Today, we will introduce you some free trial sketches with our instructor’s “Advice & Corrections.” These are sketches by students who are also aiming to be a car designer like you. We hope these samples and our revue will help your sketching.

This is a sketch by Mr.Kaustubh which he drew at the end of free trial course.


AndhikaDimas_24031996 のコピー

Our instructor, professional car designer, CAN evaluated.

AndhikaDimas_24031996re   <Good ponits> Your sketch level is higher than amateur designers! Lines are clean, and you can set almost accurate perspective. <Points to be improved>  Your sketch for the Side View and Quarter View are completely different design. In this lesson, you are required to draw the same car in the Side View Sketch and Quarter View Sketch. 
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