Copic Coloring Workshop!

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Copic is high quality markers in the world, and it is preferred by professional designers. Our online school, Car Design Academy also suggests using Copic makers for students in our online courses.  

There have been several workshops we managed; and we could have “Copic Coloring Workshop” with Too Corporation who is the company, making Copic marker and pen.

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Then, let’s introduce you the workshop.

The workshop was held at Too Corporation’s headquarters in Tokyo.

The workshop consisted two sessions.

First, our instructor, Mr. Hattori and Mr. Can gave lecture how to use Copic markers effectively. 

Then, all participants tried put coloring with the markers.

After the lecture, Mr. Hattori gave us a demonstration of drawing “Beats headphone.”

Here are his procedures.

His drawing was gradually having 3D effect, and we were surprised his special technique that cotton ball which soaked by the ink was rubbing on the paper. He finished up coloring for background with that technique.

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 Message and Advice from the instructors.

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<Mr. Hattori>

It is important to feel fun and joy of drawing. Everyone in this workshop of the day could realize that they got much improved at the end of the workshop, and I guess, it was pleasure for them. Please do not forget this experience that you were rapidly taking new skills and knowledge into yours like a sponge. And, also please do not forget to draw sketches as much as you can! It is necessary to break up old style and rules when you will challenge for new things. If you pinched in idea, looking back again your old works is also one of the ways for get inspire new ideas. Anyway, do not stop to keep drawing! Good luck.


<Mr. Can>

In this workshop, all participants’ works were put on the wall after they finished, and they could compare their works. In case of presentation at the company competition, giving impact to the audience is one of important points. Please focus on making “contrast” for gaining the impact in your works.


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Some comments for the workshop from participants

1) Thank you for today. I learned a lot of things today.

2) Please plan other workshops. I look forward to.

3) I enjoyed so much. I found many things and learned a lot.

We are sorry for that we have been organized workshops in Japan so far; however you can learn how to use Copic markers in our online courses too! The course also provides you video materials. It helps you to get understand more easily.

We hope we will have workshops in your country!

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