[No.3:Various View Sketches! ] Most Frequently Used Car Design Terminologies

Hello to all. We listed some of essential terms for studying car design. Car Design Academy recommends memorizing or understanding at least these. They are described with some illustrations for making the meaning clearly understandable. We are going to give you those terms and definitions in 6 parts! It is also helping beginners to learn! Today’s topic is “Various View Sketches!” appearing below. [ Side View, Plan View, Front View, Rear View, Quarter View ]  

Various View Sketches

– Side View Basic 2-D view to tell viewers how does the car look like when it cuts into the center of the car. If the car is asymmetric from left side of the car to the right side of car, then need two side view sketches. – Plan View View from the top of the car, 2-D – Front View View from straight front, 2-D – Rear View View from straight rear, 2-D – Quarter View 3-D view. Needs to draw under Perspective Rules. Within Quarter View, there are Front Quarter View and Rear Quarter View.   Can you describe following terms? We are going to give you those terms and definitions in 6 parts! DON’T MISS OUT – follow Car Design Academy’s Facebook page or on Twitter for all the latest news and exclusive offers. Don’t forget to “Like” or “Follow” us! We post on Facebook & Twitter every day.
<No.1> Key Lines  Character Line, Belt Line, Door Parting Line, Cross Section Lines <No.2> Key Structures and Items Pillar, Axis, Wheel Base, Grill, Hood, Cabin, Body, Roof, Trunk, Bumper <No.3> Views Side, Front, Rear, Plan, and Quarter <No.4> Fender Area  Wheel Area, Fender Panel, Fender Flair, Lip, Wheel, Spoke, Tire, Tire House <No.5> Window Area  Black Ceramic, Quarter Glass, Six Light <No.6> Elements in Front & Elements in Rear Tumblehome, Plan Curve, Fog Lamp, Rear Combination Lamp, Rear spoiler, Rear Bumper

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