12 automotive advertisements: we re-realized that we love diverting ad and thought them as “That’s fitting descriptions”!

 Hi, there! This is Car Design Academy.   We updated an article, which was a collection of diverting advertisements of car manufacturers on the other day. Fortunately, we got many favorable comments. Thank you, everyone! So, this is its Part 2!!  Please check it out Part 1 from URL below! Go creativities!  Summary of handy car advertisements for you to see   We didn’t know that Hatena bookmark spread as quickly as rumors!  If you like the article, please click the bookmark button:-) Anyway, we hope this article is useful for the persons who are doing creative jobs! Forget everything bothers you and enjoy! Audi audi It’s just beautiful even a beauty gets jealous.   Volkswagen Volkswagen Too majestic. Volkswagen Leave ordinary days and go to the parts of the world which are still unseen. Volkswagen Fun! Fun! Fun!!   Volkswagen Strength of the wall < Strength of side-view mirrors   BMW bmw “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” Well, it seems a used car ad.   NISSAN NISSAN Did you notice? Every detail is cars!   TOYOTA トヨタ Going out with your buddy when she is sleeping♪   Peugeot peugeot “Sexy gets fast”   MercedesBenz Mercedes A decent brake makes this sort of effects?!   CITROËN CITROEN Fascination, which rocks women’s world.     Well, this is the last one. I, manager of the academy, like the most! SEAT seat A good car for a big family!  
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