CDA Instructors

k Nori Kurihara   In 1975, he started his career as a designer in Honda R&D, and worked on some motorcycle projects. In 1979, he joined FORM DESIGN(ITAL DESIGN) and developed designs of European (BMW, FIAT, VW, SEAT,Volvo,) and Japanese car companies, as well as designs of cameras, watches, glasses, and motorcycles. In 1982, he moved to Ford Europe in England and Germany, and designed Ford Fiesta, Escort, Scorpio, and Transit. After moving back to Japan, in 1985, he established “DCI design club international Co.,Ltd.” in Hakone. He worked on Renault, Citroen, Porsche cars, and also many design projects for Japanese car companies. In 15 years, DCI became a design company representing Japan. In 2001, he started a new company “NORI, inc.” and has been participating in Japanese and overseas car design projects, and doing consultant work for design projects. His name as a designer in production cars is highly-confidential. Now, while teaching in Japanese colleges, he has also been writing articles in auto- motive and motorcycle magazines for a long time.

  yToshio Yamashita   Born 1949, in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduated from Hakata Technical School in 1968, he joined Nissan automobile as a designer. He started off with designing parts, then begin to work on Second generation:Nissan Violet, and had worked on many projects since then. As his most famous design is Nissan 300ZX, he also worked on Silvia240SX, SkylineGT-R, InfinityG35, Q45 and so on. In 2008, he became a professor in