Listed below are a number of questions that are regularly raised by our students. Please read the FAQs which might help you.


Q. When drawing the lines and eclipses, by placing the hand (little finger) slightly on the paper does allow me to draw stable lines. Do instructors have your own tips?

A. Your hands can touch the paper. Our hands also touch the paper when drawing. It may make the paper dirty. However it is better to draw lively lines rather than worrying about making the paper dirty. If you are worried about this, you can wipe off your hands’ sweat from time to time, while drawing.


Q. About pen pressure and speed. I was able to put very little pressure to draw relatively clean line. Is this correct?

A. How much pressure you put in or how speedy you draw the line, do not matter. It is important that you find the right speed and the right pen pressure when drawing. You can try different kinds of speed and pen pressure to match your own. The only thing you must be careful is that when drawing very slowly, your lines will be distorted so try to maintain certain speed.


Q. Please tell me the reason why drawing an inclined solid is needed.

A. Our intension is for you to become able to draw a car cabin at an inclined angle with understanding of its form. We have seen works of many new students and new designers and we feel that there are not many designers who do not understand the shape of the cabin. A cabin has inclined surfaces at front and sides. Drawing in a perspective is quite confusing. So many students and new designers cannot express the form of the cabin, especially from the front.

These kinds of sketches do look unnatural. This is an important element for creating a professional car sketch. Please take a look at the image below.



Q. I cannot understand the ‘range where the body can be viewed’ from quarter view.

A. . Try to think a point where you(designer) are looking down from the above (your view point).



Q. I have a question about perspective. When looking at the car from above, I think it will be a three-point perspective. Am I correct? In this case, where should I set my eye level? In general is there any common eye level when drawing a car?

A. If you look at above, it does become a three-point perspective. The vertical line is slightly inclined. For this kind view, your eye level becomes higher so HL is not in the sketch. For drawing perspective accurately, it is still best to draw the perspective guide.



Q. My question is about the order of layers of Photoshop. Can you tell me the reason why the highlight is placed at the top and the background is placed at the bottom.

A. Highlight in terms of the actual sketching, is same as placing white Posca. This is why the highlight layer is at the top. If the highlight layer is placed behind the sketch layer, you will not see the highlighting. The background layer on the other hand should be set at bottom.

If it is at the front, edges between the background and the Body would not be clean. You can multiply the layer as well.  If the white color of the headlight will not be placed under the sketch or Body Layer Group, lines on sketch or other painted area will be all white out.