Effective Tips & Advice 

EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students 2017


To prepare for the EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students 2017, Car Design Academy is pleased to provide some of materials used in their courses to help participants succeed at the contest.

Please thoroughly read and view the following materials as your resources, in order to have a better chance of winning at the contest! Good luck everyone!

*Please note that only who have participated in the contest can have access to those materials. The applicant is to use our school’s course materials, as well as any published work from our school or a third party, in full compliance with copyright laws and other related laws.


Effective Materials for Preparing the Contest

The following list includes a number of materials that used in the CDA Total Course, which may help preparing your project for the contest.

Drawing Lines and Perspective

Quarter View Application

Digital Painting

Concept Planning

Concept Board & Summary Works File