Drawing Lines and Perspective  

This lesson is the basic of basics: To learn how to draw lines and to study theories of perspective. We often see sketches by design students. They draw nice lines but its perspective is not accurate, creating distorted image. This is because they neglect basic rules and do design.

When a professional designer sees this, he can easily pick up the failure.

The content in this lesson is not only for the beginners but also for those who have studied (car) design in the past.


The purpose of this lesson and points where you should pay attention.

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Why  Perspective and Ratio of Objects are important?

When you become a professional car designer, you will face many situations to attend meeting with people in various groups/teams during the project.

Imagine you are discussing with engineers about the design. (This kind of meeting will be definitely coming.)

At that time, your sketch skill will be critically important. You can show them during the meeting what will it look like if adopt their ideas. Your sketch will be a visual tool for meeting participants to share ideas instantly.

That is a very important role of designers. In order to draw that kind of sketch, you must have an ability to draw an accurate Perspective and Ratio of Objects.

In this lesson, you will learn the basic of these 2 skills, Perspective and Ratio. I noticed some students feel the practice required here are monotonous and boring. But, these are important basic techniques which you must obtain if you want to be a good car designer.

I strongly recommend and encourage you spending good time for these practices.


Above sketches are actually used in the real car development project.  You can feel from these numerous number of sketches how they are used in identifying problems and seeking solutions to advance a project smoothly.


Advice how/where to improve your skills.

・It is worthwhile to know that even professional designers, those who actively working on front lines, are practicing this sketching method as a routine warm up exercise. 

This lesson is the basic of  basics. It is recommended that you do this exercise continuously for 30 minutes every day.

・In order to draw fine lines, you have to be careful your drawing posture and the way you move your arms and hands.

Move your arm instead of move your wrist in order to draw a long line, by long stroke. When your shoulder is stiff, your lines become stiff, so try to relax your shoulder when you draw lines. 

The important thing is you should face to the desk with some angle so that you can move your arm freely. We advise you not to sit parallel against your desk. Then swing your arm, your shoulder is a fulcrum. This way, you can move your arm comfortably, which allows you to draw straight lines easily.

This method will also allow you to draw curved lines as well as straight lines. 



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