Digital Painting

Advice for where/how to improve.

 ・When you do painting, need to remind of the shape of Body all the time.

The biggest advantage of using the Digital Painting is expressing the gradational effect much easier than using Markers. Painting without realizing the shape of the body, the finished work will be plain with no 3D feeling as if drawn by kids.

Please thoroughly check the form of the body by placing cross sections before painting.


・Articulate Contrast. 

Sketching is expressing the characteristics of the car and the concepts of the designer. Therefore unlike photograph which reproduces the object as it was, a sketch can be slightly exaggerated. In order to make the sketch attractive, try to articulate Contrast, make a bright area brighter and a dark area darker than actual.



In CDA, software of “Photoshop” will be used for Digital Painting.  PHOTOSHOP is a popular paint software used by many creators and designers.

It is good at image processing. However it requires good amount of flash memory, ROM. Sometimes when using small ROM PC, the brush movement will be slow.

There are ‘Layer’ and ‘Paths’ in our material, but you do not need to use ‘Paths’ in this lesson. Tools those shown by red lines are frequently-used tools, so you will start to use those tools more proactively from this lesson.


Command Shortcuts and Keyboard Key Assignment

In order to work efficiently, you need to set Keyboard Key Assignment and Command Shortcuts. This list explains how to assign key on Keyboard for various tools and command shortcuts. Key assignment is like “when you click ‘e’, it will be Eraser. Command Shortcut is like “ctrl+s” is Save.



[Video: Painting – Basic]

Please watch this video before you start working on your work.


[ Video: About ‘Masks’ & ‘Groups’ -Basic- ]

Please watch this video before you start working with your works.