Concept Board & Summary Works File

<Advice for improving>

Your Concept Board should instantly give your message to viewers.

Those who see your board usually do not spend lengthy time to look at your board carefully. In most of the case, they will look through your board very quickly. That is why it becomes important to catch their eyes strikingly. Need IMPACT.

Select only one message that you want to give and emphasize thatYou do not need a lengthy or wordy description. Your board must catch viewers’ heart at one glance.

Your Summry Works File should tell your thought process clearly.

It is an important tool to explain how your designs were brought upAgain in most cases, viewers do not spend much time to look at your Summary Works Files or Portfolio. You must organize your presentation materials what and where you really want them to look at.

Normally designers in car companies focus your idea sketches how deeply you have explored. To look at your design creation ability. For idea sketches, do not bias to one idea too much. You have to show them how widely you extended your idea creation.


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