entate_compe_top Hi, This is Car Design Academy. Thank you for participating in #carsketchcompe Vol.5. The number of total applications : 67 sketches! Then, I announce of the results!   

The runner-up


The runner-up

#carsketchcompe vol5’s Winner

Congratulations!  @nauyop ‘s sketch express steady & massive Minivan. It is good impressive Design, the reflection from the ground, and also color combination. Please continue to draw such nice sketches!  1  Commented by Nori Kurihara. (CDA Design Director)   We will present @nauyop US$30.00 as the prize. Congratulations!  


How was the final #carsketchcompe? #carsketchcompe was over quickly, but just looking at it is fun for me. We will be sure to resume this competition! I’m grateful to all participants. Thank you! 
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