#carsketchcompe vol.2 Winner Agri Bisono

NameAgri Bisono
LanguageEnglish & Indonesian
Profile & Self introductionGraduated from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology from Industrial Product Design major. Car Passionate & Freelance designer.

Nothing is interested on my major until I found that there is an amazing specialization which is called Car Design.
Unfortunately, there is only one lecture who ever studied transportation design and he was too busy to his project rather than teach his student, so, I started to study about car from internet and some litterateurs. I found a lot of people that know the essential of car design in a community and always ask them any question related to Car Design.

I also learned Car Design in Astra Daihatsu Motor. Got so many lesson from its internship program especially about interior design from Japanese designer, K. Imai San.
Recommended practice method1. Find a friend that could accompany you to improve your and your friend skill in car design. I always compete with my friend to have a better sketch it will make the atmosphere becomes so much fun.

2. Search what is the recent style that you like. Learn and make it as your benchmark. You do not have to imitate it, each people has their own way to success.

3. Actually I learned the important of perspective rule in Carsketchcompe. I guess join a competition will boost your skill more.

4. The important thing is enjoy every part of the process! 🙂

Winner’s sketch

Winner’s portfolio