13compe_top Hi, This is Car Design Academy. First of all, Thank you for participating in #carsketchcompe. The number of total applications : 141 sketches! Then, I announce of the results!   

The runner-up


The runner-up


#carsketchcompe vol1’s Winner

Car Design Academy selected @kasas’s sketch as winner of the first car sketch competition. Congratulations! @kasas’s drawing – very dynamic design. Good proportion and balance on correct perspective. Also we noticed that @kasas has done hard effort to draw on hand drawing. (using pen or tablet doesn’t matter) Please continue to draw more sketches. We believe that you will become professional designer. Thank you for your participation. 1  Commented by Nori Kurihara. (CDA Design Director)   We will present @kasas US$100.00 as the prize. Buy some sketching material you want.      tate_compe_top (2) Next competition theme is “COMPACT CAR”. Please submit by instagram!

Submission period : Until 25th Nov. 2014

If you want to participate in next competition, please share this page! 

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