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#carsketchcompe vol.4 Winner Coenraad

NameCoenraad Erasmus
LocationCape Town, South Africa
LanguageEnglish, Afrikaans, Italian (Beginner)
Instagram & Twitter@coenstawels
Profile & Self introduction22 year old industrial design student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (3rd year in 2014) before that I completed a one year design foundation course.

I believe that I will make it in this field and I think that belief is important to keep oneself going. Besides my university studies, I self-learn car design through books and the internet, which in turn helps out my studies. So why not aim high and do exactly the closest thing you can on the path to achieving your dreams. I am prepared to make radical moves towards this and actually for my classes 3rd year final project we were tasked to design a gas heater, but I persuaded my lecturer to let me design a car instead while there was only 6 weeks left. This was quite risky but in the end it proved a vast learning experience to have finally completed a dedicated transportation design project! (see: Volvo VC10 project). Besides being scary, this was exciting more than anything and I'm sure it will be even more exciting further up the path to becoming a car designer so I'm really looking forward to it!

So I wish to thank Car Design Academy for the opportunity to participate in such a nice contest which definitely helped me on my path.

Also, please don't hesitate to contact me for my up to date portfolio.
Recommended practice method1. Look out for contests; obviously it's a great way to improve your skills in a competitive environment and with a reward at stake.

2. Watch more TED talks about design rather than watching TV, here is one by Chris Bangle for instance: Great cars are great art

3.Consider buying some cheap alcohol markers from China to start off your practicing; It would be a shame to limit the amount of sketching you do because of how expensive the materials are.

4.Stay motivated. For every good sketch someone does; there may have been quite a few terrible sketches which ended up in the dust bin, so don't get put off by only seeing their brilliant sketches.

5. Try sketching some vintage cars, you might discover what the secret to their beauty is 😉 Good luck

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