Car Designer Starters Pack

We are delighted to launch the new Car Designer Starters Pack  for all of you who were craving to learn car design!

This special program presents you with a great opportunity to study car design in a manner that is quick, easy, and affordable! The program is ideal for those who would like to start learning car design in a casual learning environment.

■ Tuition and Fees
Original Price: $300
Limited-Time Offer: $50

Please note:
・All payments must be paid by a credit card.
・Cash payment cannot be accepted.
・The course can only be signed up once by one individual.
・The course is non-refundable.
■ Period and Duration
48 Weeks

Within 48 weeks, this program will allow you to get unlimited access to all 2 special video materials and 1 text material from anywhere at any time on any devices of your choice. Furthermore, the program also will give you an opportunity to freely share your thoughts or ideas about car design and connect with other students through the period!
■ Course Content

This course is designed as follows.

Lesson 1 – Video: Let’s Draw Car Sketch!
Lesson 2 – Video : Draw Sketch -Think with 3D Forms
Lesson 3 – What is a Concept & Planning Process?
Lesson 4 – Project I
Lesson 5 – Project II
Lesson 6 – Presentation

*This course does NOT include any evaluations/”Advice & Corrections” from instructors.

This program allows you to get unlimited access to 2 special lecture videos taught by Mr. Toshio Yamashita (a former Nissan designer known for designing the Nissan 300ZX), and 1 text material during a period of 1 year. After completing these lessons, you will be able to work on a project that assumes that you are working in a real professional scene, and present them online in the last lesson. You will be free to share any of your works and thoughts in the last lesson also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and our friendly team of experts will try their best to help you out.

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CDA greatly appreciates your participation in the survey! We would like to exclusively offer you an extra $25 off the latest tuition rate (Limited-Time Offer $75), so that you will take the program only $50!!