About  Car Design Academy

With other design schools, there is a lack of prominent teachers, so this is an issue with their students that didn’t get to learn proper, practical, car design education. This is a serious matter for those students which can hinder their hiring opportunities as car designers.

In addition, it is very hard to get essential information to become a car designer unless you are the student of a school which already has a tight connection with Automotive manufacturers.

Car Design Academy Online Course has been introduced since August 2013 in Japan. In the last one and a half year two of our graduates were hired by the top Japanese car maker, one as a Car Designer and one as an Engineer. A student who got a designer job started learning design first time at CDA. Furthermore, two of our students have been invited as a trainee internship.

We are very proud to announce that our materials has been adopted as a training material by a couple of car makers in Japan for their new employees.

In February 2015, we have just launched our Total Course in English globally. We are very much excited making a new milestone to our challenges.

In Car Design Academy we have a team of experienced instructors. Mr. Nori Kurihara, who is one of the most famous car designer in Japan, unlike other car designers in Japan (mostly belongs to car company), he has been running independent design office. Because Mr. Kurihara is involved in course set-up, structure, and actual teaching/ giving advice, CDA is very different from any other design schools. CDA is very much focused on car design. Our course is very practical and pragmatic. Tips and skills are not the product of professors’ academic works. What CDA will teach you is a Front Line real world knowledge.

Tuition of going to a traditional design school is very high, and this makes many ambitious people like you to give up pursuing a car design as a profession. CDA pricing is approximately 1/10 of those school. Besides you do not have to worry about quitting current job/school, physical moving, taking immigration visa, hardship residing foreign countries, and studying some classes those you do not want to study. CDA is definitely your solution.


If you want to pursue Car Design as your career, please consider CDA as your first option. You don’t have to hesitate to register admission because of your time difference, gender, age, or experience in design world. Our tuition is set very reasonable. Our courses and materials are in high quality. Our instructors are reputable and they are seriously committing. JOIN US ASAP!

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