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Let’s study professional Car Design technique with tutorial videos. -Easy To Draw sports car-

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CDA 3 Features

The only place in the world where you can learn car design through online.

1. You can get coaching directly from our world-class professionals.

Our program is supervised by Nori Kurihara, a legend designer who has worked on many car design projects with Honda, Ital Design, Ford Europe, and his own independent design firm in Japan. You will periodically get his interview several times during the program.

2. You can access to our quality materials wherever you are.

CDA Total Course is structured basically in 2 major contents: (1) Sketch Technique, basically Drawing and Coloring, (2) Designing and Creating Portfolio. Teaching materials include Textbook, Video, and Assignment.

3. You can get the best learning environment to achieve your goal.

You will be amazed how our professional designers will review your works precisely in detail for each lesson. You will enjoy watching other students works which will help your learning vise versa other students will watch your work as well.


World class Designers experience will help you to plan your career path.



Our students are diverse. Current students are from all over the world: U.S., EU, Mexico, India, China, Indonesia, Middle East Countries, Japan. Boys or Girls, young or senior, Experienced or Non-Experienced. Our course is open to everyone in the world.


Online classroom with textbooks, tutorial videos, weekly assignments with positive
feedbacks and advices expedite your learning speed to become as a designer.


Students' voices | from Quarter View Sketch Course


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Car Design Academy receives strong support from many prominent designers.
You will find a lot of interesting stories from our interview articles.

Ms. Anne Asensio

“If designers are the auto industry’s rock stars, Asensio is its Britney Spears. She made her reputation…

Pratap Bose

Mr. Bose graduated National Institute of Design in 1998, then he joined Piaggio & C.SpA, Pontedera, Italia…

Dutta Pratim

We have interviewed Mr. Dutta Pratim. He is currently working in the Dassault Systems, Japan, as a Senior Sale…

Toshio Yamashita

Born 1949, in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduated from Hakata Technical School in 1968, he joined Nissan automobil…

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April 27, 2014

One of our students was successfully recruited by the most renowned Japanese Car Maker as a Designer.   Click here for his interview.

April 03, 2014

One of our students was successfully recruited by the Japanese car maker as an Engineer.

March 10, 2014

Our program has been adopted by one big Japanese car company as their educational program for their new employee.

Please contact us if your company or school is interested in to using using our program.

February 15, 2014

Two of our students participated in Japanese car company internship.

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Car Design Academy has been receiving numerous media attention from all over the world.